Weekend Soundtrack #4: “Awkward Aughts” Edition

Your childhood.

All right, so I’ve been too busy working my butt off rehearsing for the mainstage production of “Hamlet” (which you should totally go see this weekend) to spend any reasonable amount of time on a playlist for this weekend.  I apologize for the inconvenience, and promise to be back on my “A” game next time around.

…that said, I think a hodgepodge of mid-00’s pop gems should do just fine as a substitute.  Enjoy!

The Chillout:  Where Is The Love – Black Eyed Peas ft. Justin Timberlake                                               

After a long week of intellectual engagement, this jam should serve as the perfect segue into your weekend: it’s socially conscious and fun!

The Pregame:  Pop – NSYNC                                                                         

Hate on boy bands all you like.  Any mainstream pop group that can fuse elements of acid house, glitch and breakbeat into something this catchy is good in my book.

The Party:  Yeah – Usher                                                                                             

Every.  Bat/bar mitzvah party.  Ever.

The After-Party:  Too Little Too Late – JoJo                                                                                             

Old Kenyon romance go sour?  JoJo feels your pain.

The Morning After:  Come Clean – Hilary Duff                                                                                    

Not really sure why this one’s here, but it seems like a good soundtrack choice for those little Sunday untagging sprees we all find ourselves embarking on from time to time …

3 responses

  1. Glad to see H. Duff get a nod here. She really took a hit when “Lizzie McGuire in College” was canceled due to her pregnancy.

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