10 o’clock list: The Most Annoying iPhone Alarms to Wake Up To

Photo by Zach.vega1

Exactly 85.47 percent of Kenyon students returned from winter break with an iPhone. Holler, Verizon plan! In honor of our bourgeois decadence, I present you with the five most annoying iPhone alarms to wake up to.

1. Marimba – Exotically terrifying.

2. Alarm – The whole point of digital ringtones is avoiding that analogue sound.

3. Digital – Shrill, piercing and heart attack inducing.

4. Strum – The most menacing guitar you will ever hear.

5. Old Car Horn – Um, why?

Of course, anything you set as your alarm will eventually become terrifying/annoying. I used to wake up to “100,000 Fireflies” by the Magnetic Fields (So gentle! So morose!), but after two semesters of jangling chimes before 9:00 a.m., the song was never the same. Now I wake up to “Strum” and have involuntary muscle spasms when it goes off as someone else’s ringtone.


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