The Thrill Explains: Apple Fork

A while ago, we put up a 10 o’clock list detailing some of the best games to play while stuck in Peirce. Many of you expressed your outrage that we had not included apple fork. Well, we were just saving that one for a post of its own, so hold your horses, kids.

Admittedly, apple fork is simple. It’s also pretty absurd and could totally take an eye out if you aren’t careful. That, however, is beside the point, because it’s fun and, as college students, we are all immortal and impervious to any sort of physical harm. This one is good to play if you’re sick of your group of friends and you’ve exhausted all possible topics of conversation to keep your regular Peirce meal atmosphere from getting weird/boring.

Assemble your friends around one of the round tables in Upper or Lower Dempsey. Sorry, but apple fork probably won’t work in the Great Hall. Retrieve one (1) Peirce apple of reasonable size, quality and ripeness, and make sure everyone has a fork or two or three.

Begin by throwing the apple into the air in a general across-the-table sort of direction. Anyone near its trajectory must attempt to catch the apple with a fork. Using one’s hands is permissible in the event of fork failure, but it does nothing to further the game.

Once someone manages to catch the apple on a fork, that person should throw the apple back into the playing field, fork attached. Thus, the game continues. Lather, rinse and repeat until you all get tired and give up, the end of time or the apple is so full of forks that it can’t possibly sustain any more.

Congratulations; you’ve played apple fork. Now go out there and worry some poor, innocent AVI workers.

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