“Liberal Arts” Featured in Entertainment Weekly

Photo by Trevor Kaye, the father of our very own S. Ryan Kaye.

Liberal Arts has snagged a spot in Entertainment Weekly‘s “First Look” section, and just today Kenyon’s newfound stardom was written up in an article on InsideHigherEd.com. Looks like we’ve got both the Elitist Hollywood Liberal and Elitist Academia Liberal demographics covered. Details from both articles after the jump!

According to EW, even though Josh Radnor ’96 wrote, directed and starred in Liberal Arts, it was really Richard Jenkins and Allison Janney who stole the show. We hope Radnor was joking when he said “it was an amazing thing to invite [Janney] back, and for us to, you know, have sex,” because it would be tragic if even in the movies nights at Kenyon always end with questionable Old Kenyon hookups.

Inside Higher Ed takes a slightly more highbrow approach, quoting President S. Georgia Nugent as saying “I think [Liberal Arts is] likely to be huge for Kenyon.” In between several paragraphs about the Hill and leaves and prettiness and blah blah blah, we also learn that Nugent and Radnor somehow know each other despite him graduating years before she became president. Has the Nuge been skipping out on Trustees’ meetings and hobnobbing in Hollywood?

The Inside Higher Ed article also explores the stories behind several other well-known college movies, so if you’ve every wondered where Animal House (soon to be known as “the Liberal Arts of 1978″) was filmed, check it out.

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