Uphill/Downhill: Bro Edition

This week’s Uphill/Downhill is all over the map. From the Superbowl to parties on campus, this has certainly been an interesting week.

Uphill: Brozier at Crozier: Let’s be honest, I am going to go H.A.M. at this party. Also, the Queer Women’s Collective ladies are some of the chillest bros on campus. On my list of the best parties of the year, I have to say that Brozier ranks at least in my Top 5 (Honorable Mentions include: Highlighter, DKE Champagne and Blackout Christmas). If you ain’t there, you ain’t tryin’.

Downhill: Being an Older Brother: Peyton Manning, the current (and probably soon to be former) quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, is truly having the worst week ever. Not only did his little brother, Eli, defeat his archrival for the second time in the Superbowl (on his home turf, no less), but he will likely be traded to the Washington Redskins or the New York Jets, both teams that play in stadiums where the stale smell of sadness constantly hangs in the air. But hey, at least it’s not the Cleveland Browns. For the rest of us older brothers out there, at least we aren’t Peyton (the millions of dollars couldn’t hurt, though).

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