Thrill Session: Littless

Welcome to another Thrill Sessions!  Thrill staff writer Dan Rasch has contributed a short essay on this week’s featured act, Littless.

Sailing across seas of guitar and banjo, kept afloat by a ship made of deftly penned words, Littless are here to take you on a novel sort of naval expedition.

James Karlin ’15 and Carmen Perry ’15 write folky tunes about love, loss, trains and many other topics, each tune a frank, personal narrative.

They were so kind as to come record a session for us in Palme House, so we hope you enjoy their delightful blend of rich, shimmering chords, delicate lyricism and arpeggiated banjo badassery.

We also asked them what other Kenyon artists we should check out. In their own words:
“The only band we know here is The Jolly Hobos … so I guess them. They’re funny the first couple times you listen to them … also French Club! ” –xoxo Carmen&James :*

Any other Kenyon musicians we should check out for our next Thrill Session? Drop names in the comments section below!

— Dan Rasch (Thrill Sessions Essayist)

Download the session here:

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