Seven Days of Valentine’s Day: Valentine #7

Valentine by Becca Hafter ’14

We made it! It’s finally Valentine’s Day! To commemorate this sappy holiday, The Thrill staff put together not one, but two gifts for all of you loyal readers. Here’s a lo-fi valentine and a cutesy rhyming poem from us to you, a riff on Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s famous sonnet:

How do we love thee? Let us count the ways.
We love thee for the Facebook likes, retweets,
Disgruntled comments and pageview repeats,
That leave us in such an editors’ daze.
We love thee as McCabe loves NYC,
With the fervor of endless allstu wars.
We love thee no matter SAT scores
Or results of treacherous ACT.
We love thee with the passion put to use
In line for tortellini at Peirce Hall.
We love thee with a love some save for booze
On weekend nights, –we love thee, above all,
For reading all our posts, and, if thou choose,
Staying with us, The Thrill, for the long haul.

—Mara Pottersmith ’12, Thrill executive editor

Larger valentine download size after the jump.

Valentine by Becca Hafter

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