10 o’clock list: Ways to Show Your Purple Pride

Though BEAT DENISON WEEK!!!!! remains a mystery to many of us (Does it involve all sports teams? Are we in a production of Grease?), at certain moments during each semester an overwhelming sense of pride washes over me for our majestic College. But how does one express this pride, this purple pride? (Ed. Not the purple person. Never the purple person.)  In tonight’s list we give you the top five ways to show how much you truly love Kenyon and maybe even appease the Board of Trustees with your student athletics enthusiasm.

  1. Wear Some Kenyon Gear —  When you sport a “Kenyon is not near Uganda” shirt, you’re saying, “Hey world! I go to prestigious liberal arts school that you’ve probably never hear of. But I love it so must that I bought a t-shirt.” Way to go, you! Not only are you showing school pride, but you are also supporting your local bookstore.
  2. Accessorize  — Now that you have the shirt, take the next step and purplify yo’ self from head to toe. Socks, shoes, scrunchies, wrist bands, scarfs, flags, belts, iPhone cases, pens, jackets, backpacks, baby onesies, utensils, napkins, salt and pepper shakers, glassware, hats, ascots, lip balm, banners. Just go ahead and spray paint everything you own purple.
  3. Coordinate Your Makeup — We’ve all seen those guys at sporting events with their face paint, looking super cool. But most “Ladies” don’t want to scrape purple paint off their face and out of their hair for a month and a half, unless of course it was from the rave. Instead of purple war paint, try purple war makeup! I’m talking about purple eyes and lips (check out “Paradisso Purple”).  And nothing says team spirit like a purple leopard-print nail file.
  4. A Grill — It better be purple or spell out “Lords” (or “Kenyon College is Da Bomb!” if you have a larger mouth).
  5. Tattoos — A portrait of Philander Chase or Paul Newman on your chest will say it all.

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