Liveblog: The NCAC Swimming Championship in Canton, Ohio

Nina supporting the Lords and Ladies.

We’re live at the North Coast Athletic Conference Swimming and Diving Championships, in the C.T. Branin Natatorium at McKinley High School, where, on the third and final day of competition, your Lords and Ladies are in second place behind the Big Red of Denison University. The announcer for the evening is none other than our very own Prof. Tim Shutt!

8:07: Heat 3 of the women’s 200 fly featured three Ladies. Hannah Saiz continued her dominance of the event and placed first, while Jacquelyn Garcia placed in seventh and Kellyn Caldwell placed eighth. The next event is the men’s 200 fly, with three Lords coming up in heat 3.

8:03: Heat 2 of the women’s 200-yard butterfly features Alyssa LaFrenierre in lane three. She placed solidly in second.

7:57: Lord Ian Bakk won heat 3 of the men’s 200-yard breaststroke, followed by his teammates Alex Beckwith in second and Lars Matkin in sixth. Here are the results from the women’s 200-yard breaststroke.

7:52: Dedication is not something David McCabe lacks. It’s really entertaining to watch him follow Coach Steen around like an eager and inquisitive puppy. Keep an eye out for McCabe’s feature story that will appear in the Collegian later this semester!

7:47: Vereshchagin won heat 3, while Kett came in fourth place. The cheering in this place is so loud I can barely hear Prof. Shutt, which is saying a lot!

7:46: Heat 3 of the women’s 200-yard breaststroke is on! Ladies Nikki Kett and Alisa Vereshchagin in lanes three and four. And here are the results from the men’s 100-yard free.

7:41: Here are the results from the women’s 100-yard free.

7:38: Lords swept heat 3 of the men’s 100-yard backstroke, with David Somers in first, Zachary Turk in second and Ian Stewart-Bates in third.

7:36: While the men’s 100-yard free goes on, here are the results from the men’s 100-yard backstroke.

7:33: And that event is over. For the Ladies, Hilary Yarosh placed third, followed by Meghan Quinn in fifth, Anna Connolly in sixth and Kate Haller in eighth, respectively.

7:29: Women’s 200 back results are in. We’re on Heat 3 of the women’s 100-yard freestyle. Half the lanes are Ladies, half are members of the Big Red. The HEAT is on!

7:23: I’ve already lost track of all of the heats, they’re happening so fast! Results to be posted ASAP!

7:17: Heat 2 of three in the women’s 200 back begins. Alyssa LaFrenierre and Hannah Cooper represent the Ladies in this heat.

7:16: Heat 1 of the women’s 200 back ends.

7:11: The women’s 200-yard backstroke first heat begins. No Ladies in this heat, but stay tuned for the next one. Swim meets seem to run very fast-paced, as soon as one event ends the next swimmers dive in.

7:09: Men’s 1650 free ends. Al Weik of Denison placed first, while Lords Andrew Chevalier and Joseph Guilfoyle placed second and third, respectively. Here are those results.

6:54: Men’s 1650 free begins. There are two Lords in this heat. I’m really impressed with the stamina they have to muster to compete in this event.

6:53: Women’s 1650 free ends, with Ladies finishing in second, third, fourth, sixth and eighth places. Here are those results.

6:41: The College of Wooster has people wearing kilts and spelling out “WOOSTER” while diving off the diving board. Between that and the bagpipes earlier, I’m wondering what to expect next from them.

6:35: The women’s 1650-yard freestyle begins. Since it’s such a long swim, the winner is decided by a time trial. There are five Ladies participating in this heat.

6:33: Kenyon swimmers do their cheer across the pool. I think we’ll be starting the event finals soon…

6:30: National anthem played by two swimmers on a cello and a viola.

6:23: A sweet ceremony honoring seniors begins. Wow Prof. Shutt is really exuberant when he’s on a loudspeaker!

6:15: Fun fact: McKinley High School, where we are, is not named after William McKinley, but rather his sister Anna.

6:09: The Fighting Scots just entered. They are bagpiping and marching their way around the warmup pool. I’m slightly scared….

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