10 o’clock list: Top Five Secret Areas of the Kenyon Website

The title of this list is probably misleading, as the following pages are not “secret,” per se, as they don’t require a special password to view. These are, however, virtual portals of our fair college that you may not have been aware of, but which you can now bookmark for further examination. Because you have so much free time in which to do that, right?

1. Kenyon’s “Graphic Identity System.” As this page is already public, I cannot be held accountable for any instances of forgery that may arise from unscrupulous use of these instructions and samples. But, in case you ever need to know the required relation in size of the name of your sport to the name of our college, the answer is 25 percent. And for the design geeks who wondered: the official font of “Kenyon” is customized Goudy Old Style, and Kenyon purple is the color Pantone 267 U (on uncoated paper). That cream-two-weeks-past-its-expiration-date shade of the homepage? Still no idea.

2. Want to find out what really goes on at those mysterious faculty meetings that sometimes prevent your coolest professors from grabbing a beer with you after class? Want to get a glimpse at the flies in the administration’s ointment? Want to know which teacher routinely objects to proposals by banging his shoe on the table? Just browse the (sadly not up-to-date) meeting minutes. After a quick perusal, I can safely say that my favorite excerpt is, “Old Business: There was none. New Business: There was none.” Kenyon College: perennially getting stuff done.

3. For all you punctuation/grammar/orthography nerds: the official College style guide. Apparently we don’t really like hyphens, but have a comprehensive explanation of their usage anyway.

4. The office hours list! Not every professor is on there, but this is useful for those times when you really need to fall on your procrastinating knees and beg for an extension in person but realize that you’ve lost your syllabus in the black hole of your desk drawers or maybe it got sent through the laundry and you don’t really feel like walking from Manning to Ralston on a freezing Wednesday afternoon just to be greeted with a sign posted on the door saying that Professor Kohlman won’t be back until Monday at 8:00 a.m. because at that point you should probably just give up and start writing the paper, huh?

5. Virtual postcards. Because your campus looks even more marketable without the cost of a stamp.

Honorable Mention:Caring for your Owl.” Did you know that “your Kenyon owl is very friendly and enjoys a good tickle”? Hmm, sounds familiar

8 responses

  1. That cream-two-weeks-past-its-expiration-date shade of the homepage is Pantone DS 5-9 U.

    Thank you, Pantone catalog in Photoshop…

  2. Great, now let’s get a feature on Olin book graffiti. I found a mighty ripe example this evening. Let’s just say somebody pulled some serious graphical enhancements. Definitely, NSFW either. Depressingly, low brow and tasteless too. If you got to write in ze books try doing it with a bit more class. Under call # DS 755 G72 1990.

  3. Reading meeting minutes:
    Students shop online and don’t care about the bookstore. Other students do shop at bookstore. Some shop online through their iPad while in store. The whole world is changing.

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