Four-Minute Lecture: Professor Jensen


Welcome to Four-Minute Lectures.  All semester, we will be bringing in professors you know and love to deliver Four-Minute micro-lectures for the betterment of our minds.  They will encompass a wide variety of topics and departments.

This week, we bring you Professor Pamela K. Jensen of the political science department.   Her lecture is entitled “The Little Man v. The Last Man.” We can’t fault Professor Jensen for going over the time limit — it’s too good.

Check out the lecture after the jump.

Who else would you like to hear from?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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    • Dear Trailkillerz (aka John Parulis of San Rafael),Some time ago, you wrote a letter psoterting the establishment of a mountain biking trail in Novato. As I recall, your argument was that establishment of trails LEGAL for mountain biking were a gateway drug for illegal trail riding.I realize that reflection isn’t one of your strong suits, but you might want to consider the implications of Mikey’s conviction. The continued posting of hateful rants against an entire class of people just might possibly be a gateway drug for illegal assault and/or battery. In any case (and as the prosecutor demonstrated), it does reveal something about the mental state of the accused attacker. You might also want to consider that none of the people that you mentioned were convicted of attacking a human being.

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