Updated: Do it tomorrow morning: A Visit from Congressman Bob Gibbs

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Correction: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that Congressman Gibbs would be speaking in Peirce Pub. He will actually be speaking in Peirce Lounge.

Here in our secluded village, we often see those crazy Washington politicians on the teevee and read about the crazy things they say on the Internets, but we don’t normally get to see them live and up close. Hell, even Rick Santorum didn’t dare get closer than C-Bus (and knowing how most Kenyon students would react to him, that was probably a legitimately intelligent decision on his part—as they say, even a stopped clock is right twice a day).

But tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. in Peirce Lounge, that all changes! Bob Gibbs, who represents Ohio’s 18th District (that’s us!) in the U.S. House, will be stopping by to speak and answer questions. (First question: why couldn’t you come during Common Hour? This poli sci major has class through 11!) After the jump, everything you need to know about Gibbs so you’ll be an informed constituent when he arrives. (Note: If you’re interested in attending, please RSVP to Jami Ingledue at ingleduej@kenyon.edu, due to the limited space in the Lounge.)

  • Born in 1954 in Indiana, Gibbs moved to Ohio in the ’60s. He graduated from The Ohio State University’s Agricultural Technical Institute in 1974 and founded Hidden Hollow Farms in Lakeville, Ohio.
  • He should not be confused with former Obama administration press secretary Robert Gibbs.
  • Gibbs began his political rise when he was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives in 2002.  He was consistently reelected and ran for the Ohio State Senate in 2009. After his election, he served for only half a term due to winning his current seat in November of 2010.
  • After a tough Republican primary campaign, Gibbs defeated two-term incumbent (and Kenyon graduate) Zack Space by 14 percentage points during the great GOP congressional sweep of 2010.
  • His top priority is to get Ohioans back to work and he believes that “Bureaucrats in Washington are sending the wrong signals to our job creators.” Gibbs is also proudly pro-life and has been endorsed by the National Rifle Association.
  • According to The Washington Post, Gibbs votes with his party 96% of the time.
  • According to his website and The Washington Post, Gibbs has voted to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the healthcare reform bill), to strip Planned Parenthood and National Public Radio of funding, to prevent the EPA from regulating greenhouse gases and to impose a balanced budget amendment. He did vote in favor of the final agreement at the conclusion of last summer’s debt ceiling debate.
  • Gibbs’ district office is located in Zanesville at 1166 Military Road, Suite B3. You can follow him on Facebook and Twitter. Here is his official website, as well as his campaign website.

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