Where in the World is President Nugent?

Our beloved Nuge is cheating on us with another institution! Well, not exactly, but she has been elected to serve on the board of the American University in Sharjah (AUS). Sharjah is one of the United Arab Emirates (think Dubai’s little sister), and the University offers “the chance to experience authentic American education in the Gulf.”

“Dr. Nugent has experience as a graduate, professor and academic administrator at renowned institutions, and in the light of her current role as Chair of the Board of the Council of Independent Colleges, she is exceedingly qualified to serve on the Board of Trustees of AUS.” — Dr. Peter Heath, Chancellor of AUS

We don’t know how much President Nugent will have to travel to Sharjah, if at all, but perhaps this will make for some exotic new editions of Nugespotting. (And for all the haters out there, I saw her on Middle Path just yesterday.)

We've got to admit, this looks like a nicer place to spend the winter. (aus.edu)

3 responses

  1. She’s also bad-ass enough to just immediately sit down on the floor during a crowded poetry reading, as I saw her do yesterday–no prissy asking of other people to give up their chairs for this power-suit-and-aquamarine-flats-wearing pres!

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