10 o’clock list: Top Bathrooms on Campus

Photo by Rama via Wikimedia Commons

Nobody wants to hear about it, and that’s why I’m here to talk about it. Below you will find a list of what I consider to be the best (public) restrooms on campus … keep ’em in mind the next time nature calls!

1. Farr Hall — Perfectly located between North and South, the bathroom on the first floor of Farr is the Mason-Dixon line of pit stops. Bonus points for the two additional bathrooms in the basement outside WKCO.

2. First floor Chalmers — I’m not talking about the atrium, but rather down by the classrooms in the basement. At first, those bathrooms seem super awkward, since there’s only one stall inside, but in fact you can lock the main bathroom door and have super privacy.

See the rest after the jump.

3. Lower Dempsey — In addition to those bathrooms just being really nice and way less crowded than the main bathrooms by the entrance, there’s an individual handicapped bathroom between the men’s and women’s rooms, and that one is pretty sweet also.

4. Gund Gallery — Three words: Xelerator Hand Dryers.

5. Bexley Hall — Another one of those super-private restrooms like in the library, but, you know, only for art students, or those with extreme pee anxiety.

Honorable mentions:
New North Campus Apartments (can we just all agree to call them the ‘burbs?) and Lentz House.

Dishonorable mentions:
Those fourth-floor bathrooms in Old Kenyon which only have one stall oriented at the most awkward angle so you can’t even go in without hitting yourself with the door. Seriously, who designed those? That person should not be trusted.

10 responses

  1. Treleaven House bathroom on the second floor. There’s a bathtub (odd) and you can’t fit your legs between the toilet and the wall in front of you.

  2. i love that the gund commons computer lab bathroom exists, but it is one of the most insanely awkward bathrooms on campus, nay, the world.

  3. bexley bathrooms = creepy when you wander in there at night, drunk and about to burst, only to be unable to find the lightswitch and be forced to pee in the dark while you’re pretty sure a ghost watches you

  4. also: the bathroom in the crozier music room. private, nice decor, and there are usually some old copies of vogue or something.

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