Thrill Session: Glen Echo (Part 1)

Welcome to another Thrill Session!  Thrill staff writer Dan Rasch has contributed a short essay on this week’s featured act, Glen Echo.  This week’s Thrill Session will be brought to you in two parts.

Bennett Davidson ’12 and Alex Martin ’13 have been collaborating for a long time now.  Both hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, they did theatre together in high school before eventually deciding to meet up “on weekends and stuff like that” to make music.  When they got to Kenyon, they initially became occupied with other projects, but when those fell by the wayside, they decided to rekindle their collab, and Glen Echo was born.

With a sound abrasively raw and titillatingly psychedelic at the same time, Glen Echo profess: “We sound like rock ‘n’ roll music.”  And they sure live up to that self-description, whether it means distorted punk-rock rage or self-conscious lyricism with badass harmonies. They deliver nothing less than solid tunes.  They’ve done covers of “Blitzkrieg Bop” by the Ramones, a couple tunes by the band Girls and many others; furthermore, they claim that “if you put all those songs in a blender, you’d have a Glen Echo Smoothie.  That’s what we’d hope.”

This Thrill Session will continue on Thursday with two additional tracks.


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