One Kenyon Student’s Leap Day Challenge to You and Our Plea for a Moment of Midterm Calm

Frances Sutton ’13 is abroad right now, and keeps sending us these cute videos she’s making in Copenhagen. We missed her Valentine’s Day message, but she’s now decided to issue a challenge to all of us to do exciting things with our Leap Day tomorrow. While we can’t say for sure we’ll have time for the whole thing, I would like to say this to you, dear reader: take half an hour tomorrow to stop and breathe.

Seriously though. Whatever it is that will help you find a little bit of calm amidst a stormy sea of exams, do it. If that means going to the KAC and getting your fitness on for a little bit, that’s great. Or maybe you’d rather go to Sunset Point and read something that wasn’t assigned by someone with a Ph.D. Or perhaps it just means grabbing a booth at MiddleGround with your three closest friends and pretending that it isn’t the week from Hell. Just don’t think too much about it, lest the decision alone become a stressful experience.

Our advice might not be helpful to everyone, but it’s important to remember that if you’d like support of a different, more private sort, there are people here at Kenyon who can provide that. Our counseling center can be reached at 740-427-5643. A huge number of Kenyon students use their services, and everything is confidential.

So good luck on your exams — we’re rooting for you!

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