Uphill/Downhill: Sweet Springtime and Sour Milk

Happy Leap Day, everyone!  You’ve made it to the middle of the last week before break, so here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you make that final midterms push.

Uphill: Spring Break — I know last week’s Uphill was also Spring Break, but this definitely warrants a second look. This is the last pit stop before we make that final push for the end of the year and get into the home stretch.  All I can say is, use these two weeks wisely and recharge.  This break is going to have to sustain you for about six weeks, so make it count.

Downhill: Your Fridge — It is now officially code red for your dorm room fridge.  This isn’t Thanksgiving break: this is the big leagues.  The food in your fridge can actually go bad during this two week hiatus,*  so start stress-eating now. Putting my CA hat on, please get the perishables out of your fridge, because returning to a hall full of spoiled milk and ant-filled cereal boxes is not the most welcoming experience.

*Apparently Rumspringa wasn’t the best metaphor.

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