10 o’clock list: Most Popular Backpacks at Kenyon

#1. Stylish!

For our last list before break, I hereby present what I’ve observed to be the most popular types of bag at Kenyon. Because what better way to start spring break than by reminding you of the things you carry your textbooks in?

1. Jansport backpacks with suede bottoms, a.k.a. Right Packs.

2. Those weird Swedish backpacks with foxes on them, a.k.a. Kankens.

3. Sporty and functional Northface backpacks, a.k.a. Jesters.

4. Paisley tote bags, a.k.a. Vera Bradely totes.

5. Buckle-on messenger bags, a.k.a. Chrome Citizen Buckle Bags.

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