Spring Break Listening: Ryan Mach and Hannah Beckerman

So while you’re listening to that new Pinegrove album on repeat, it might also behoove you to add a few other Kenyon artists to that spring break playlist.  We’re here to help.

Allow me to introduce you to Ryan Mach and Hannah Beckerman (both class of ’14).  You might remember Hannah from her Willows project (with James Plunkett ’13) last semester.  If not, she’s got an absolutely lovely voice and really holds her own as a songwriter, so you should go get that EP now.

She also just put together another small release with classmate Ryan Mach, under the name We Just Spoke.  Ryan’s a chill dude who rocks a Casio keyboard, Apple Logic and some seriously awesome falsetto stylings.  He makes really cool lo-fi indie pop that will get stuck in your head for days.  You can grab his most recent release, Single Summer, here, and I highly suggest you do.

We Just Spoke are here to take you on a strange and beautiful journey through otherworldly soundscapes.  You can stream and download their EP after the jump.  Enjoy your respective breaks (and keep your eyes peeled for that Andrew Dunham release)!

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