10 o’clock list: Top Mistakes You Made Over Spring Break

It’s official, spring break is over. Yes, it was a magical time. But I’m sure there are a few things you regret from spring break 2012.

SPRING BREAK WOO HOOO (Via Wikipedia Commons)

Check out the top 5 mistakes you might have made over spring break after the jump!

  1. Offering drugs to your parents — Now you have fewer drugs for yo’self/others.
  2. Forgetting to wear sunscreen — We’ve all been there. I’m there errday. Try using olive oil or tomatoes to sooth your skin.
  3. Bringing your books home for no reason — Be honest, you did not do your work. None of it. Instead, you finally read The Hunger Games.
  4. Got used to good liquor — There ain’t no Grey Goose in Gambier. (Absolut maybe.)
  5. Calling your ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend…from middle school.

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