10 o’clock list: Top 5 Worst Things About Spring

An illustration of horrible thing #4: A tiny winged terrorist helping a flower assault my respiratory system.

Normally, I agree that spring is a marvelous time of new growth and sunny happiness and young love, but The Thrill has kind of been on a spring tear this week (see here and here and here and here and here), and I’m fed up with it. So, in a small act of rebellion against my fellow editors, here are the things I personally hate about spring.

  1. I can’t be sure of what to wear — We’re still in that period where it’s chilly in the morning and either warm or just plain hot in the afternoon. Being the industrious student I am, I have 8:10s and 9:10s every day, and because I feel silly wearing shorts when it’s in the 50s, I wear jeans, resulting in discomfort later in the day.
  2. I don’t look good in warm weather clothes — Some people look better the fewer clothes they’re wearing; I am the opposite. In the winter, I can look dashing in sweaters and scarves and coats (I’ve even been called “strapping“), but in spring, when the bulky clothes go back in the closet and I’m stuck just wearing a T-shirt, my true out-of-shape, slightly chubby self is revealed.
  3. The weather makes me feel lazy — Like many of you, I didn’t really want to do anything today except sit outside and nap under a tree. Unlike many of you, I was raised to feel that this was slovenly, and instead of embracing that instinct, I spent the day fighting it. I still didn’t get anything done, and now I feel guilty.
  4. Allergies/Bees/Other treacherous outdoor things — Spring is nothing but nature’s excuse to assault us with pollen and tiny winged terrorists. I’ve already had to sheepishly explain to one professor that the reason he saw me screaming and running around in circles outside his office was because a bee was chasing me.
  5. I came to Ohio for the cold — If I wanted weather like this, I would have stayed in my home state and gone here. But I like the cold, and this year I feel robbed not only by a mild winter but also by a spring that, so far, has practically been a summer.

6 responses

  1. The only bad thing about Spring is that sometimes the bikers rolling through Gambier wake you up in the morning before the heat does.

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