Uphill/Downhill: Welcome Back?

Welcome back from break, everyone!  I promise this is the last time this Thrill editor will be mentioning spring break.  Half because I miss the spring break lifestyle and half because it is so played out.  That being said, I’m happy to bring you this tastemaker’s perspective of what’s trending on campus.

Uphill: The Weather — Obviously the weather is the best thing this week has going for it.  Coming back from break is like living in a perpetual state of “Monday.”  Nothing softens the blow more than coming back to beautiful Gambier, Ohio.

Downhill: Grace Periods —The grace period after break has ended.  You are now expected to do actual things.  If you didn’t get to have a real break because of Comps, then your Downhill is the fact that people keep asking you how your break was.

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