Blogs on Blogs on Blogs: Volume IV

Admittedly, the weather here in Ohio has been so damned gorgeous that I almost couldn’t be bothered to go indoors during the daytime to write this post. Thankfully I managed to work it out, and I’ve found more friends who have also been indoors blogging (shout out to those of my friends who are also addicted to the internet)!!! Follow me after the jump for links and pictures.

As always, a warning: I don’t anticipate much NSFW content on any of these blogs, but it is a possibility, so don’t click if you’re somewhere you shouldn’t be viewing stuff like that. Murphy’s Law states that your crush from your 9:40 will be sitting behind you in the library precisely when you open up something inappropriate on the internet and THEY WILL TOTALLY JUDGE YOU.

First up this week is Frances Sutton ’13, who is currently abroad in Copenhagen. The love between The Thrill and Frances goes both ways, and back in February she was sending us all kinds of videos! Her response when I asked her if she would mind being spotlighted here was “YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG I HAVE WAITED FOR THIS DAY!!!” Frances’s* enthusiasm is infectious even through a series of tubes, and thankfully she maintains two blogs — one specifically for her life abroad, the other more general. Both feature inspiring pictures and quotes, along with Frances’* own writing, which ranges from motivational to moody to downright hilarious. Her blogs are here and here – check them out!

Next is Oli Olufemi ’14, who in addition to being an a cappella wizard is a real delight on my Tumblr dashboard every time she finds something new to post. Oli’s posts range from strong feminism to gorgeous fashion, with rap music and artistic inspiration thrown in too. I was about to write, “Rarely does she ever post anything I don’t enjoy,” but then I scrolled back through her archive and I have to say I’m not even sure there’s anything she’s posted that I didn’t dig. Find her here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed, and don’t forget: if you or any of your friends have blogs you’d like us to feature, whether they be on Tumblr, WordPress, Twitter, et cetera, let us know in the comments below! We’d love to stalk them, and let the entire Thrill-perusing community stalk them too. As always, I’ll be posting photos here, music here, and tweeting away here.


*Frances’? Frances’s? I NEVER KNOW.

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