Morning Weather Check: Kamp Kenyon

Good morning, Kamp Kenyon! It’s another beautiful day in central Ohio. Yesterday afternoon, I swam in the Kokosing, walked to dinner in cutoffs, got sunburned and contemplated making some friendship bracelets.  Happy spring! Hope you’re appreciating Kenyon’s transition to summer kamp.

Did anyone notice that kamp(us) smelled like a bonfire last night? Maybe the Delts held a secret Wednesday night kampfire singalong! I hope they invited P.F. Kluge, because Kluge has some feelings about kamp. You should probably read this Kluge-penned Kamp Kenyon thought piece in its entirety.

Kluge, on kamp kounselors/professors: “Some call you by your first name, some by your last, with a mister or ms. in front. Some put chairs in a circle, campfire style, and others stand in front of the class behind a podium.” Some know how to shortsheet beds, and some know only how to TP a kabin.

Somebody needs to give Kluge a talk about kamp spirit. See you at recreational swim!

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