The Class of 2016 Just Got a Shiny New Website

Kids these days. They aren’t just content with a personalized letter on neat stationary and an envelope with a giant purple thumbs-up on it.

No, they need one of those newfangled online websites to convince them of something. Which brings us to this: the Office of Admissions has created this nifty page to welcome successful applicants to the College and lure them into our beautiful, tree-lined embrace. Highlights include: What we believe is jquery scrolling (though honestly we’re only 40% sure on that), the video of Fred Baumann on the elliptical and the shout-out to Matthew Winkler ’77, who edited the Collegian before founding Bloomberg News.

And remember, you can take out your class-website envy on the 2016ers when they arrive on campus and want to get into your party.

Just kidding! Come to Kenyon!

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