Do It Tonight: Chamber Singers Concert

Photo by Ally Schmaling '14

If you didn’t hear the Chamber Singers during their Spring Break tour, tonight is your chance.*  At 8:00 in Rosse, they’ll be presenting their tour program, which includes a wide range of musical styles, from Bach, to Brahms, to Hebrew and South African music, to some more modern compositions, including one by Doc Locke himself.

As an added bonus, Doc Locke is offering a MiddleGround milkshake and a Chamber Singers CD to whichever (non-Chamber Singer) student can identify the greatest number of references to birds included in the concert. (Hint: Wach auf, meins Herzens Schöne includes the lyric “kleinen Waldvöglein.”) Additionally, I personally am offering $10 to whomever can correctly predict the number of singers to faint onstage tonight. Leave your guesses in the comments!

Chamber Singers Home Concert, conducted by Professor Benjamin Locke, tonight at 8:00 in Rosse Hall.

*Of course, I’m a total Chamber Singers groupie, so I stowed away under the bus and heard them in every city.

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