Professors Like Being Mean

Not that this is news to any of you, but professors like being mean to their students. According to The Australian, some professors at RMIT University are up in arms about changes to a school policy that demands professional benevolence.  Did they read that P.F. Kluge piece? Seems like Kluge has friends down under.

Feel free to post about your most cruel and black-hearted professors anonymously in the comments. We know how you roll.

5 responses

  1. A visiting Professor of Creative Writing was probably the most condescending, snobbish, unhelpful man I have ever had the displeasure to study under. I had never realized that an entire seminar of people could be driven to alcoholism by a single person before.

  2. What I *actually* like is working as hard as I can to prepare for class and to advise and mentor my students to the best of my ability, and then to be met halfway by those students’ deep, vital engagement with our course materials and with the gorgeous rigors of learning.

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