The Monday Catch Up

The Supreme Court building, in the calm before the storm. (via Wikimedia Commons)

Good Morning! Look, you’re busy and I spend too much time on the Internet, so let me tell you about the news.

The Lead Story: Remember Obamacare? The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 has reached the Supreme Court, where its constitutionality will be argued. First, however, the Court needs to rule on a decision made in 1867 that can be best summarized as “Tax First, Litigate Later.” This would mean that the law could not be challenged until 2015, when citizens would first incurr a penalty if they did not have health insurance as required by the individual mandate.

Everything Else:

Republicans are finally getting in line behind Willard Mitt “Mittens” Romney. Rick Santorum doesn’t care.

The United States has reportedly doled out $860,000 to the families of those killed in Staff Sergeant Robert Bales’ alleged shooting rampage. It works out to about $50,000 per death. Although blood money is part of Afghan culture, the Afghans still want to try Bales themselves.

The University of Kentucky defeated Baylor to round out the Final Four, joining Ohio State, Kansas and Louisville. So that’s cool.

Because you all went and saw it, The Hunger Games killed it (ha) at the box office this weekend.

The Long Read: As soldiers begin to return from Iraq and Afghanistan, many are diagnosed with PTSD. But it’s not all bad, according to some soldiers.

The Weather: Remember how great last week was? This week won’t be so nice, unfortunately. Expect highs in the 50s and showers on Wednesday, when it will also be slightly warmer.

6 responses

  1. As an avid Kansas fan, I would just like to say that Kansas, being in the last game before the NCAA semifinals, technically defeated North Carolina to round out the Final Four. It’s just a formality, really.

  2. “Although blood money is part of Afghan culture, the Afghans still want to try Bales themselves.”

    I find this language deeply problematic.
    1. ‘blood money’ is kinda an ugly term, don’t you think? Why not restitution. If you’re referring to ‘diyya,’ financial compensation that is awarded to the victim of a crime as proscribed by the sharia, then call it that.
    2. The use of “although” and “still” make a few troubling implications, in my opinion. His role as a member of U.S. forces, in my opinion, does not negate the (alleged) reality that he murdered 17 innocent people, apparently on his own (not incidental civilian deaths, not acting under orders, etc). If someone from France went on a shooting spree while visiting the United States, they would be prosecuted in American courts. If our supposed rationale for our continued occupation of Afghanistan is to secure and stabilize the country to allow for its full sovereignty and agency, isn’t it a bit hypocritical to deny Afghans the ability to prosecute murders?

    Regardless of ones nation of origin, no dollar amount justifies the murder of the innocent. Justice should not bend to perpetuate the myth of American exceptionalism.

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