Historic Day for Smoking Bans

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

On this day in 2004, Ireland enacted a law banning the smoking of cigarettes in all workplaces (including pubs and restaurants).  Citizens of Ireland were bummed but also eventually got used to their new legally mandated lifestyles. Maybe you can sympathize? Empathize? You know, because of the Kenyon College smoking ban.

Kenyon and Ireland: loving beer, hating smokers.

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  1. “Kenyon and Ireland: loving beer, hating smokers.”

    Do you think it’s appropriate to “hate” smokers? I feel that in the times that we are living, saying that you hate something is pretty strong statement and definitely does not make the smokers feel like members of this community. And, yes, I am a smoker but I don’t feel that going to a designated smoking area will be such a big problem. I should not be forcing the people around me to smoke passively, so regulations are fine. However, I do try to avoid hating people just based on their lifestyle choices. Smoking does not make one a bad person after all.

    • Nothing in the line, “Kenyon and Ireland: loving beer, hating smokers” suggests anything either way regarding the author’s personal opinion about smokers.

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