10 o’clock list: Lessons We All Learned at Shock Your Mom

Last night, you saw a lot of things. Some were legendary. Some were terrifying. Some you wish you never saw. But, believe it or not, you learned a few life lessons. In tonight’s list we bring you the top five lessons we all learned at Shock Your Mom.

  1. Pacing — There are two must-go-to parties of the year, SYM and Sendoff. Take last night as a lesson in pacing.  SYM is a sprint, Sendoff is a marathon. Learning the difference only serves to benefit you.
  2. Less is more — It has been scientifically proven that the amount of clothing you wear is inversely proportional to the amount of fun that you have at SYM.  When in doubt, go skimpy.  You know what they say: you only feel as good as you look (at least on SYM).
  3. Pre-Game, pre-game, pre-game  —  As far as anyone is concerned, there is no real alcohol at Shock Your Mom. If you go there and try and get even a semblance of a buzz, you are going to be in line all night.  The only antidote for this would probably be to join the team.
  4. It will be remembered by someone — Just because you don’t remember what happened last night, it doesn’t mean that someone won’t.  The implications of this are more or less self-explanatory.
  5. Some things are inexplicable — It may be fruitless to try and explain what you saw last night.  Take solace in the fact that you will get to keep those memories. If you’d rather not keep them cemented in your brain, make sure you have a good hot water heater.

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