10 o’clock list: Longest Peirce Lines

Photo by Niki K via Wikimedia Commons

Peirce Hall, as your junior visit weekend tour guide might have told you, is an extremely social place. Students chat to one another in the atrium, students chat to one another at tables and student chat to one another while waiting on interminable lines for various food items in the servery. Below is a listing of some of the longest and most common lines found in Peirce. Feel free to make cocaine jokes in the comments!

1. Potsticker Lines- When the line for “International” stretches all the way around the cutlery dispensers, you know it’s potsticker night. Are they even that good? Why isn’t there a vegetarian equivalent? So many questions to ponder while you wait.

2. Panini Press Lines- Usually present at the 12 o’clock rush when all you want is to panini the large and vaguely leaky veggie wrap resting on your plate.

3. Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup Lines- It’s really not that hard grab a sandwich and  ladle some tomato soup into your bowl. I suspect that this line is caused by rudely discerning fry choosers.

4. Pierogi Lines- As we do not attend college in Poland, it is bizarre that pierogis are a) regularly served to us and b)extremely popular. But whatever, Polish potato treats for everyone willing to stand on line!

5. Cookie Lines- Do not underestimate the power of fresh double chocolate chip cookies. Even the most stoic of seniors will use their elbows to advance their place in the queue.


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