Kenyon Pets: Jack the Economics Terrier

Jack, and a little bit of Prof. Krynski.

Last week, The Thrill introduced you to a cat; this week, it’s a dog’s turn. Jack the wire fox terrier is Professor of Economics Kathy Krynski’s “office dog.” Learn more about Jack the Ascension-dwelling terrier after the jump.

  • Krynski and her husband, fellow econ professor David Harrington, have had 11-year-old Jack since he was a puppy. He is the second in a line of office-inhabiting wire fox terriers, preceded by Barney. Krynski has maintained an office dog all day every day for 25 years.
  • Besides standard dog biscuits, Jack also enjoys the “Jack tax.” This consists of a third of the meat from the Village Market sandwiches Krynski often buys for lunch.
  • Although Jack spends non-working hours with Krynski and Harrington in their home, he’s a great comfort to Krynski’s pet-sick students when they visit. Plus, Jack is a very quiet dog, and thus well-suited to life in busy and crowded Ascension.
  • Jack’s coat has diminished with age, but he used to have markings instead of being all white. Although he no longer strolls around Gambier, he still regularly enjoys some midday time outside.
  • The wire fox terrier is an extremely famous breed: other notable members of the breed include Asta, the dog in the famous Thin Man film series; King Edward VII’s dog, Caesar; and Snowy, companion to famous literary Belgian boy Tintin.

Prof. Krynski really likes her terrier swag.

Like, a lot.


  • NB – The original Asta, pre-William Powell and Myrna Loy, was a miniature schnauzer. The wire hair we all love was an invention of Hollywood because the wire hair was highly popular (and not of German origin). A high percentage of Westminster Kennel Club winners were terriers. (I believe the last wire hair to win was Lacey, co-owned by Bill Cosby).


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