Uphill/Downhill: The Mega Millions Housing Lottery

The much anticipated lottery number are in today!  I’ve been waiting with bated breath for this, even more so than for my Dad’s (ultimately losing) Mega Millions ticket.

Uphill: Good Lottery Numbers — If you happened to get a great lottery number, I would like to be one of the first to tell you “congrats!”  Kind of feels like you should have bought a Mega Millions ticket last week, huh?  Even better than that, you now have the potential to have ME as a roommate.  Call me maybe?

Downhill: Bad Lottery Numbers — This is a tough one: having a bad lottery number can feel pretty rough.  The knowledge that you, yes you, will be living in less than desirable housing next year can really take a toll on anyone.  Just know that I’m here for you (but not really, because obviously hanging out with you will scare of my potentially high lottery number friends — again, call me maybe, I’m cleanly and a great companion).

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