Well, We’re Not Quite the Best

Well...at least we're 13 years older than they are.

But we’re still pretty close. A version of the Princeton Review’s Top 300 Professors list broken down by school reveals that, by raw number of professors listed, Kenyon only comes in at number five, and the colleges that have a bigger share of the best professors aren’t necessarily the ones you’d expect.

Coming in ahead of Kenyon’s nine professors are Colgate University and the College of William & Mary, each with 10, James Madison University with 11, and Mount Holyoke College with an astonishing 14. Yes, according to the Princeton Review, nearly five percent of the nation’s best professors teach at Mount Holyoke, a women’s college in Massachusetts that is one of the Seven Sisters.

Of course, ranking based on raw numbers is not especially useful, and controlling for the size of the school might improve Kenyon’s relative position. (But Mount Holyoke would still come out on top, because they only have a few hundred more students than Kenyon.) And because 120 institutions are represented on the list of 300 professors, Kenyon is still very near the top any way you slice it.


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