10 o’clock(ish) list: Highlights of “Meet Kenyon People”

These are graduates. They aren't Kenyon graduates, but you'll take what you can get. (via Wikimedia Commons)

So you know how the Kenyon website profiles alumni under the heading “Meet Kenyon People?” Well, it turns out that if you go back through the archives of those features, you’ll find yourself feeling like you’ll never accomplish anything. So here’s five “Meet Kenyon People” posts that highlight the successful and the strange in Kenyon’s alumni base.

  1. The former Kenyon football player who is the quarterback for an American football team in Switzerland.
  2. The guy who runs his family’s mail-order wine business.
  3. The English major who is the lead editor for a greeting card company.
  4. The woman who works solves crimes through science.
  5. The guy who gave all of his possessions away to become homeless for a book.

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