Made in Peirce: Variations on Pasta

Photo by Greg Sailor ’08

We Kenyon students are bright, innovative and “quirky.” This is how college guide books describe us, this is how our college tour guides describe us and this is how President S. Georgia Nugent referred to us at Convocation (or maybe Matriculation … one of the –ations). Though our positive attributes get touted near and far, the Peirce servery offers a daily challenge to our creative reputation.  Luckily, The Thrill is here to assist you in retaining your creativity by teaching you new recipes made with only ingredients found in Peirce. This week it’s pasta!

Pasta Salad

Ask for a plain bowl of pasta and whisk it over to the salad bar. Mix in edamame, black beans and raisins. If you want it to look as fancy as my food art above, you may want to top this creation with these few carefully arranged ingredients: juicy fat cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, those weird crunchy stick things and a green pepper garnish. Sprinkle with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and parmesan or feta cheese if possible.


Mac’n’Cheese is about more than just elbow pasta and a packet of dried cheese. Make it yourself with every single cheese available in Peirce. Ask for a bowl of plain pasta, add liberal amounts of both cheeses at the pasta station, then head over to the salad bar and add a little bit of every single kind of cheese you can find. If you’re feeling really super cheesy, try adding bagel station cream cheese. Mix the mess together while the pasta is still hot so it gets nice and gooey. Enjoy!

Made Your Own Vodka Pasta

What better place to pre-game than in Peirce? Although Peirce rarely features their speccial “Vodka Pasta,” you can make your own. Bring a flask of Stoli and pour it into any pasta dish. The simplest Vodka Pasta ever!

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