Mourning Today’s Friday Cafe

The most devastating thing that has ever appeared on my news feed.

For whatever reason Because of Good Friday (thank you, commenter!), today’s Friday Cafe has been canceled. We take this moment to mourn the Friday Cafe that never was: the delicious, cheese-heavy entree, the hearty soup, the oversized and obscenely good dessert.

If you’re like me, the idea of going to Peirce instead of Friday Cafe is just too painful to contemplate on a Friday at lunchtime. With that in mind, some suggestions for alternative lunch plans.

  • MiddleGround. That’s right, this tour-guide favorite isn’t just a place to camp out for six hours, finishing an essay and refilling your coffee 80 times. They actually have some excellent lunch options, including my personal favorites, the jerk chicken panini and the veggie panini. If you’re lucky, you’ll get the fries at the bottom of the batch and they’ll be even greasier and saltier than usual.
  • If you’ve got some K-Card money burning a hole in your pocket, The Kenyon Inn actually has a great lunch menu. It’s pretty cheap — only barely more expensive than the Deli — compared to their dinner menu and features such delicious items as lobster mac and cheese, “rustic grilled cheese” and meatball subs.
  • If you have a car or a friend with one, try getting the hell out of Dodge and going to Griller’s 10 minutes away in Howard.

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  1. the “whatever reason” is that it is Good Friday, a day of reflection, when many Christian communities worship around noon. Sacrificing a day Georgian cheese bread doesn’t really compare to the sacrifice those communities are reflecting on today.

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