Wall Street Journal Endorses English Majors

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Good news, English majors, in a strange turn of events, the Wall Street Journal has endorsed the genteel study of dusty books over the more brash Business major. In, “Wealth or Waste? Rethinking the Value of a Business Major,” Melissa Korn reports that English majors are better hires than their more specialized peers. Looks like your Dad finally has something to brag about to his Wharton friends at tee time!

According to Korn, “Companies say they need flexible thinkers with innovative ideas and a broad knowledge base derived from exposure to multiple disciplines.” Actually, I think American Studies majors might fit the bill better than English majors.

Somebody should call Peter Rutkoff. Preferably on his home phone.


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    • you’re probably going to need some miltiary backgroundound, so i would suggest the marines or the army you’re going to need to know how to fight or handle a situation. if not that, then you’re going to need to know (obviously) how to fire a weapon, so i would suggest going to a shooting range and practicing. ask around, maybe someone knows where to go to practice. the type of education you’re going to need would probably be a high school deploma (obviously) and perhaps some collage degrees would help you on the way. every job always hiers well educated people or ex-military personell. they like smart people and they like physically fit people (since you’re wanting to go into the police force, i thought i’d throw that in there just to throw it in there, idk)References :

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