Walk the Moon Gets More Famous

Someone even made them a Tumblr!

On Thursday, April 5, Walk the Moon performed their hit single “Anna Sun” (inspired by the time lead singer Nick Petricca ’09 spent at Kenyon) on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. The show has hosted many prominent artists like Bruce Springsteen and “Neil Young,” and this is yet another accomplishment that Walk the Moon can add to their growing list of achievements.

The post-Kenyon band is also slotted to play at the prestigious Governors Ball Music Festival Saturday, June 23 (Ed.: OMG THAT’S MY BDAY).

Check out a video of their performance here.

3 responses

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  2. Love the Anna Sun EP! Can’t wait to hear what the full length is like when it comes out in June. Lots of cool stuff on their website (walkthemoonband.com) Thats were I bought the EP, best 3 dollars I’ve spent in a while.

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