10 o’clock list: Lies Told at Kenyon

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Because everyone knows that a good story needs some embellishment, and that everyone at Kenyon in eminently capable of writing a good story, Kenyon students embellish (and I’m using embellish as a synonym for “lie”) quite frequently. Here’s a list of the lies I hear the most often:

  1. “I think I’m going to go to the KAC today.”
  2. “I’m so over Old Kenyon.”
  3. “I’m definitely not going out tonight. Too much work.”
  4. “I really value all these a cappella concerts I go to. It doesn’t get repetitive at all”
  5. “Oh my god I love that band and had absolutely heard of them before you told me about their new album.”
  6. “The Cove was really clean and classy last night.”
  7. “I think the lights in Peirce Pub are tasteful.”
  8. “Your Collegian piece was amazing!”
  9. “I didn’t even notice your hickeys until you asked me if they were obvious!”
  10. “Your Kenyon marriage is so emotionally healthy!”

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