Made in Peirce: Spinach, a Leaf of a Greener Variety

Photo by Greg Sailor '08

As a frequent patron of the salad bar, I would say spinach is the “it” veggie of this spring. Last night there was actually a line just for spinach.  A long line.  And, as you may know, any time Peirce is sans spinach there are a lot of disappointed faces in the servery. (Not quiet the ketchup crisis of 2011, but a challenge that must be overcome nonetheless.) So in this week’s Made in Peirce we bring you some delectable dishes with spinach as the main ingredient.

Spinach Apple Salad:

  • Fill a bowl to your heart’s desire with spinach
  • Sprinkle bleu cheese and crunchy asian noodles (or croutons) throughout
  • Cut up about half a large apple (preferably yellow or green) into small pieces and add to dish
  • Top off with balsamic dressing

Open-face Sandwich 

  • Start off by toasting a slice of bread of your choosing (I used multigrain)
  • First layer on a slice of provolone or colby-jack cheese
  • Next add a few leaves of spinach, a couple onions and green pepers
  • Then spread on a small portion of tuna salad
  • Place sandwich onto the panini press but do not close it. The heat of the bottom half of the panini press should melt your cheese effectively.
  • After removing your sandwich, feel free to garnish with more spinach, a tomato or other vegetables

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