Yale Law Has the Library Dog, We Have Sam

Photo by Lisa Train

My dad showed me this article a while ago, about a therapy dog that Yale Law students can check out during exam times. Since then, I’ve pondered why other schools don’t get on the dog-rental bandwagon.

Fear not, fellow stressed-out Kenyonites, the answer is here, in the form of an allstu from Lisa Train, Assistant Director of Housing and Residential Life for North Campus. She has a new puppy. A very, very, very adorable new puppy, named Sam. And, at approximately 9:05 p.m. last night, Ms. Train sent out her allstu, saying, and I quote:

“With stressful times like housing lottery, finals, and move-out coming up, some puppy luv might do some good … if you would like to schedule a play-date or a walk, let me know when you were thinking”. 

More information and the link to Sam’s Facebook page after the jump.

While she does have some basic rules (no taking Sam off campus, no keeping him forever, etc.), yes, we can borrow her puppy. Sam even has his own facebook page, with lots and lots of photos. Relax, Lords and Ladies, for puppy is on the way.

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