Live Footage from the Housing Lottery

I’ve never seen more people cry in one place than at the Housing Lottery. — Lauren Toole

Hey first years! Don’t know what to expect at your first Housing Lottery? Well, here you can see video of Scarlett, an innocent young rising sophomore who goes to the Housing Lottery with high hopes, only to find that the Caples suite she had her heart set on (a.k.a. “Ashley Wilkes”) is unavailable. As she makes her way through Tomsich Arena (the railyards of Atlanta) looking for Toby Uecker (Dr. Meade) to assist her in finding a new room (birthing Melanie’s baby), her eyes are finally opened to the immense tragedy and folly of the Housing Lottery (the Civil War).

Don’t forget: Rising Juniors pick rooms starting at 1:00 p.m.; Rising Sophomores are at 3:30 p.m. The Lottery is in the KAC’s Tomsich Arena. Bring your K-Card.

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