Thrill Session: Poor Remy

Thrill Sessions are back this week with Poor Remy!  As usual, staff writer Dan Rasch has contributed a short essay on this week’s session. Also, this session is the first to showcase the skills of our new cameraman and video editor Jake Wayler ’13.

Good folk of Kenyon College, rejoice! – Poor Remy has graced us with a Thrill Session.

Andrew D’Amico, Kenneth Polyak, and Adrian Galvin have spent the past year or so honing a sound both melancholy and uplifting, crafting a bright-eyed brand of pop that remains firmly rooted in the sounds of American folk music.  And they’ve taken that sound to one of the coolest places (and richest acoustics) on campus – the Church of the Holy Spirit.  And we brought you a camera and some sound equipment so you wouldn’t miss out.

More below the jump.

These are songs equally suited for campfires and for churches, singalongs and solitary moments – at times laid back and wistful, at times cathartic and soul-baring.  I never thought the words “I’ve been drinking all-night, and it’s so fine” could give me chills, but when you hear them belted out in tortured, glorious three-part harmony, your spine can’t help but shiver.

For lovers of banjo, harmonica, tambourine, guitar, sadness, joy, and singing your heart out to melodies that will get stuck in your head for days on end.  Enjoy the videos by Jacob Wayler, and download the session tracks below!

Download the full session:

Filmed 4.7.12 Church of the Holy Spirit
Poor Remy – Kenneth Polyak, Adrian Galvin, Andrew D’Amico
Exec. Producer – S. Ryan Kaye
Sound Engineer – Alex Martin
Video Editor – Jake Wayler
Camera – Jake Wayler
Rug – Nicholas Anania

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