10 o’clock list: Typical Laptop Stickers

Because Kenyon is a walking campus, students show off bumper stickers on their laptops. Because I am a “creative type,” I spend a lot of class time staring at those bumper stickers on their laptops. Below is a list of the laptop stickers I notice most often.

1. The translucent Kenyon stickers that got sent out with our admissions packet. Everyone without a vehicle puts these on their MacBooks.

2. HRC yellow and blue equals sign stickers. Often sighted, as they are ubiquitous Pride giveaways and always available for free online. Sported by middle-aged homosexuals and their allies.

3. Those controversial “Eat More Kale” stickers. AVI knows how much you love kale, but you gotta let your fellow students know too.

4. Any Obama 2012 campaign sticker. The only way college voters will donate is if you bribe them with stickers they can put on their laptops. Also, Michelle’s emails weirdly tug at my heartstrings (Ed.: Word).

5. Something (probably alcohol-related) from abroad. I see you in my 1:10 with your Guinness sticker.

6 responses

  1. Slam-dunk jokes about how much kenyon students like kale and obama require absolutely no funny bone, but somehow you all manage to make them terrible anyway. There is so much to joke about here: pierce vomlets, the betas, that one time when you met p.f. kluge in the kac sauna and he kept calling himself a ‘cosmic warrior’…i know its the end of the semester but, seriously, try harder….or get some funny people involved, this is embarrassing.

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