Athlete Profile: Kyle Hardacker


Name- Kyle Hardacker
Team- Lords Baseball
Position- Third baseman
Class- 2015
Hometown- Indianapolis, Ind. 
Major- Molecular biology? (Ed. As a first-year, I should know better than to ask a fellow first-year the dreaded "What's your major?" question. It's the equivalent of asking a senior "So, how are your post-grad plans shaping up?")

Q- How did you get involved with baseball at Kenyon?

A- Well, my older brother (Tom Hardacker ’10) played baseball here, so I knew what I was getting into.

Q- Can you tell me a little bit about this season?

A- Our first games were in February, and the NCAC playoffs are next Thursday, May 3,  in Chillicothe, OH. There are only two seniors on the team right now, so it’s a lot of sophomores and juniors. I guess we’re a pretty young team.

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Q- Is there a moment that particularly stands out in your illustrious Kenyon baseball career so far?

A- I’d have to say beating Wooster and winning the Series. We’d never beaten them before on their home field, so it was a pretty big win.


A- It’s not too bad. In season, we generally practice every day, but sometimes our coach will give us a day off after practice. It’s not that tough to manage everything, because you still have a lot of free time outside of sports if you can plan your schedule accordingly.

Q- What are your favorite aspects of the team?

A- Coach (Matt Burdette) is really great. He gives everyone an opportunity to prove themselves and play. We’re a young team with a lot of potential, and it’s nice to have such a close-knit team with a lot of room for first years to contribute.

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