From the Collegian Archives: The Bookstore’s, Like, Groovy, Man

It’s another week for weirding out the Greenslade Special Collections workers as I show up asking for old Collegians, then make them scan the biggest non-sequiturs. The life of a Thrill writer is filled with perils and—more realistically—a Kenyon-appropriate amount of awkwardness. This week, your Kenyon Bookstore continually fails to be hip even in the age when we actually did say words like “groovy,” and more gems from 1967, including student thoughts on the opening of the Women’s Coordinate College.

I’m really not sure what I can say about this one that doesn’t already scream at you from the image itself, other than I’m really tempted to make a poll and ask the readers if “Groove down” or “Freak down” is funnier. Maybe a statistics class could get some numbers on the hip-word saturation in here. And that’s not even mentioning “A record that turns you on?” More subtly disturbing taglines than that are difficult to find.

More ’67 highlights:

  • Women’s College Launched
    • The article itself enthuses about the planned sleek, modern buildings that will become Mather and McBride. ‘Nuff said. Also notable is general discontent with Caples and predictions that soon all of Kenyon will be covered with similar high-rises.
  • Computer Solves All Personal Woes
  • Tactics Changed to Fuzzy Quest
    • I really think any context on this one would just ruin the magic.
  • StudCo Ponders Party Poopers
  • Maturity Seen Lacking in Hippie Revolt

See you next week, when I will take a break from project hell to bring you more quaint-yet-still-embarrassing pieces of Collegian history.

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