Kenyon Pets: Bam Bam the Crozier Cat

Photo by the phantasmagoric Ally Schmaling '14

Bam Bam, first seen about three or four years ago wandering around as a kitten, has become a Crozier staple, and is always up for a chat on the porch or a snooze in the sun. He has no owner and no clear origins, but makes up for this with his extra toe. Learn more about this man of mystery (and see more photos) after the jump!

This "part model and part jungle cat" says, "you ain't getting near my Challenger!" (Photo by Ally Schmalling '14)

  • While Bam Bam is very social and gentle, he is also quite protective of his status, and can be aggressive if there are any other cats nearby that might steal his thunder.
  • Also when there is any food in the area. At any time. Ever.
  • Although one might not immediately expect it, Bam Bam is very conscious of his health. Despite dropping out of the sky and onto the porch when he was a young’n, he still managed to get himself to a vet to be neutered.
  • Bam Bam considers himself part model and part jungle cat, and often combines these passions while lurking in the front garden.
  • Despite this, Bam Bam admits to being a farm cat at heart, and hopes to one day frolic in fields of barley and wheat.
  • However, when you get right down to it, all Bam Bam wants is for everyone to be kind, and to be forever surrounded by loving feminist advocates.

Photo by Ally Schmalling '14

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  1. A note from a Bam Bam groupie: While this is possibly the friendliest Kenyon cat I’ve ever known, this guy is not a fan of belly scritches. Beware the claws when he gets annoyed.

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