10 o’clock list: Top Ten Responses to Inquiries About Your Summer and/or Post-Grad Plans

A photo from last summer vacation.

Relatives, professors, and family friends are all well-meaning, of course, but when you find yourself answering “What are you doing next?” with the shameful truth (“No idea”) for the twenty-third time, it’s time to get creative.

  1. “I managed to secure an internship at a head shop. Unpaid, but great benefits.”
  2. “I was awarded a Fulbright to Viridian City. I’ll be doing some zoology research there.”
  3. “Reading Infinite Jest! Again!”
  4. “I decided to take some time off to see the world and just learn geography. Do you have a red trench coat I could borrow?”
  5. “Promoting economic equality by joining the Occupy movement … of my parents’ couch.”
  6. “I’m staying in Gambier to head a foundation for rescuing neglected cans of PBR from North campus and turning them into Dada sculptures that speak to the heteronormative well-oiled jingoism of our current consumer culture.”
  7. “I’ve accepted a quest to destroy the One Ring. The CDO said it would look great on my résumé.”
  8. “Watching clips of Liberal Arts on repeat to dull the pain.”
  9. “Job-shadowing my shadow.”
  10. December 21, man. December 21.”

5 responses

    • Visiting that website and viewing the YouTube video certainly provided a number of laughs. Yes, indeed.

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