Sendoff 2012: It Happened?

Sendoff 2012, so good Homeland Security got involved.

We at the Thrill aim to provide fair and balanced coverage on all events of significance at Kenyon College.  In our weekly meeting this past Sunday, as we all recovered from our hangovers of epic proportions, we decided it was necessary (for the sake of fairness) to share our reflections from this past weekend. We hope you can do the same in the comment section below.  As many of us are under the age of majority, we feel it is necessary to grant ourselves the anonymity that many of you will enjoy in the comments section.

  • Editor #1: Dried my beer (tequila?) tears to dance at Big Boi.
  • Editor #2: Part of my night was devoted to “no shirt o’clock” which is something only alcohol could have tricked me into (Bad Decisions: Brought to you by Keystone)

More Sendoff/Castaway testimonies after the jump!

  • Editor #3: My afternoon got off to a raging start, complete with sitting on a friend’s floor, drinking vodka and orange juice out of a Tupperware container at 3 p.m. while drawing intricate Sharpie designs on my leg. Unfortunately, that’s also where my Sendoff experience ended — no memory of Starfucker or Big Boi. Best night’s sleep all year, though.
  • Editor #4: My fake French only got better.
  • Editor #5: It took me exactly 30 seconds on Friday to be overwhelmed by south quad.
  • Editor #6: I pretended like it was 80 degree weather and ignored the numbing hypothermia that spread through my body as the night wore on. I can still hold a beer with three fingers!

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